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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Simon Coveney is Against Unrestricted Abortion

Or so it seems.

We should be grateful for small mercies, I suppose.

I know "they're all as bad as each other" is a political cliché, and very often an excuse for lazy thinking, but really...ever since the 2015 same-sex "marriage" referendum, when the Irish political class, right, left and centre (with the exception of a few obscure backbenchers), supported the redefinition of marriage en masse, I have nothing but contempt for Irish politics. At election time, I vote for the candidate who claims to be pro-life and has the best chance of getting in. That's it. If there was an anti-EU candidate, I would vote for him or her, but pro-life would trump anti-EU. (Hey, look, I got "pro-life", "trump", and "anti-EU" into one sentence...)

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  1. I noticed Iona's piece about the religious order in Belgium that said it will allow euthanasia in it's institutions. That has to be a new low