Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Ordinariate in Ireland?

Here is an interesting idea....a Fr. O is seeking to stimulate discussion about an ordinariate for Irish Anglicans who wish to enter communion with the Roman Catholic Church, similar to the Walsingham Ordinariate which was established in England quite recently.

His blog can be found here. Have a look!


  1. Thank you, M. Very kind of you to help get the word out on this. If I could ask your readers to assist by letting others know, esp. through their own blogs or other social media outlets; and especially assist by the offering of their prayers.


  2. Perhaps the best model here would be Canada. There are a number of Canadian 'proto-parishes' within the American Ordinariate of the Chair of S. Peter. They are currently grouped together as a Deanery, and Deo volente, will grow to the point where an independent Ordinariate can be erected.

    Another case to consider is Scotland. Remember that Great Britain has two Catholic hierarchies, and the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is to cover the same territory as the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. There are a few groups in Scotland who operate under the Ordinariate. If the English Ordinariate can operate in Scotland, then presumably it would be able to operate in Ireland.

    Most important, of course, is to pray for those who may consider such an offer and for those who are seeking to establish it.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions, MJ. Could I suggest that you post them also to the Irish Ordinariate blog? Thanks.

  4. Maolsheachlann,
    great letter in the IT today! Well done! A perfect follow on from my letter of yesterday ... and indeed what I argue in a blog post based on my letter.

  5. Forgot to say, I updated my post, giving a link to your letter in the IT & a link to your blog ... again, well done!

  6. Thanks, Father! It's funny to see how it linked with your letter, which I hadn't even read. (I usually read the letters correspondence but I hadn't on that particular day.) Unfortunately, one gets the distinct impression that argument counts for very little in the current abortion "debate".